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Imago Dei means that you have been made in the very image and likeness of God. You look, believe, create, and love the way you do because you bear a unique imprint of God within yourself. I like to think of God having fractioned God’s self into billions of pieces like a puzzle, each human carrying their unique part of God. The Arnolfini Portrait, a 1434 oil painting by Jan van Eyck, portrays a man and his wife. But what astounds me about this painting is that the artist, Jan van Eyck, painted himself into the convex mirror in the background of the portrait. The creator of the painting painted himself into the picture! This is the way I think of Imago Dei—God has painted God’s self into each of our lives, so that who you are is a unique reflection of God. No one else carries the piece of God that you have, and the most courageous thing you can do with your life is to display yourself fully and unapologetically to the World!


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